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Programs and Events

Summer Children’s Camp

When: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday’s from 12:30- 3:30 pm.
Cost: $7 per day or $35 for 5 days.

Sign up now by calling the Museum at 613-623-4902 or in person from 11 am – 4 pm daily.

July – In July we will explore Canada’s amazing history

  • July 4th 150 years of Canada: Creating Canada – To celebrate Canada’s 150th come to the museum to learn how Canada became a country and make your own version of the Canadian flag (they will be displayed in the main entrance of the museum).
  • July 5th Life in Canada in 1867 – learn what it was like to be a child when Canada became a country!
  • July 6 Arnprior Adventures– learn all about our Scottish heritage and more.
  • July 11th Canadian Inventions– Did you know that a Canadian invented basketball? Come and learn what else Canadians invented (and maybe invent something yourself)!
  • July 12th Cover your Tracks (Train Tracks) – Learn how the humble train helped unite Canada and build your own train.
  • July 13th Digging up our Past– Indiana Jones Style! Have you ever found a fossil or something really cool buried in the dirt?  Visit the museum to learn all about the archaeology of the area and other cool facts!
  • July 18th Arnprior at War– We are going to put you to the test to see if you could have served with the brave men and women who went to war for Canada.
  • July 19th Happy Habitats– Join us for a walk in the Grove to explore and learn about the animals who live there.
  • July 20th Canadian Traditions from Coast, to Coast, to Coast – Learn local traditions and fun facts from each province!
  • July 25th Hero Day– Today is your day to become a firefighter! There will be two real Fire Trucks to check out! You will also be able to meet the men and women who keep us safe!
  • July 26th 3-2-1 Blast Off!– Become a graduate of the Arnprior Astronaut Training Program and learn about space!
  • July 27th Fun in the Sun – Let’s head out and enjoy the summer outdoors at Robert Simpson Park! Join us for a day of fun games and activities at the park and splash pad. Please wear appropriate clothing and sunscreen as we will be outside all afternoon.

August – In August we will take a trip around the world in 12 days.

  • August 1 Fist Stop China! Take a walk into the past on the Great Wall of China! Discover some Chinese traditions, and art!
  • August 2nd The Cradle of Civilization –We will take a look at the 7 Wonder of the Ancient World including the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.
  • August 3rd Be a Tsar for the Day – Tourists will build nesting dolls and learn the about the mystery of the Romanovs.
  • Aug 8th An Adventure Down Under -Explore the culture and the crazy creatures of Australia.
  • August 9th Tis’ the Middle Ages -Enter the High Court of King Arthur of Camelot and learn how people lived in the Middle Ages!
  • August 10th Get with the Times, New Roman Times – Learn what life was like as a Plebe and Gladiator in Ancient Rome.
  • August 15th Follow the Vikings to Canada – How on earth did the Vikings end up in Newfoundland?  We will uncover this mystery and more!
  • August 16th Hakuna Matata – Who’s the King of the Jungle? Let’s explore the Sahara Desert through crafts and activities.
  • August 17th It’s All Greek to Me – Learn about the Greek gods through crafts and plays!
  • August 22nd Explore El Dorado and Aztec Ruins – Become an archaeologist and discover the lost city of El Dorado!
  • August 23rd Dia de Muertos: Day of the Dead – October 31st is Halloween for us, but did you know it has Mexican roots?
  • August 24th Royal Day – Join us for a day of royal festivities and learn about the royal who came to Arnprior.