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Water + Wastewater

The Town is responsible for the supply and distribution of safe drinking water to the residential, commercial, institutional and industrial consumers of the Town. Water is taken from the Madawaska River and treated at the Walter E. Prentice Water Filtration Plant prior to being distributed through the Town’s Distribution System.

The Town is also responsible for collecting wastewater from residential, commercial, institutional and industrial properties in the Town. This wastewater is treated in the Town’s state of the art water pollution control center the treated water is then discharged to the Ottawa River.

Locate Information

The Town of Arnprior uses Ontario One Call for convenient locate requests. Please book your locate request no later than five working days before locates are needed. Please call 1-800-400-2255 or book on-line here.

Water Use Restriction

Try using a Rain Barrel to reduce domestic water use, lower your water bill and reduce demands on the Town’s water system during peak summer hours!

Watering your lawn and gardens in the evening will reduce water loss due to evaporation, improve uptake by your plants and grass, and reduce the amount of water needed to keep your vegetation green and healthy.

In accordance with the Town Water Use Restriction By-Law the following restrictions apply from the first day in May to the last day of September.

  • Person(s) that have an even-numbered municipal address shall only use water from the Town’s system by no more than one hose, one pipe or any other single connection, to water lawns, gardens, grass plots or ground of any description, or wash any vehicle on even-numbered calendar days.
  • Person(s) that have an odd-numbered municipal address shall only use water from the Town’s system by no more than one hose, one pipe or any other single connection, to water lawns, gardens, grass plots or ground of any description, or wash any vehicle on odd-numbered calendar days.


Any person installing a significant amount of new grass, sod or landscaping shall be entitled to use water for the newly installed grass and/or sod each calendar day during any part of the day for a period of one week from the initial date of installation of the new grass and/or sod.

Further Water Restriction Notices:

When deemed appropriate by the Town further restrictions on the use of Town water shall be put into effect and shall remain in effect until the said further restrictions have been lifted by the Town.

There are currently no further restrictions, please check back for updates as needed.

Down Spout Disconnect

During a rainstorm, gutters and downspouts can collect and distribute hundreds of litres of water from your roof. Some homes and buildings in town have their down-spouts directly connected into the Town’s sewer systems. Arnprior’s sewer use by-law  requires that all downspouts be disconnected from sewers by June 1, 2014. Please click here for simple instructions on disconnecting your Down Spout.

Water Conservation

Fresh clean water is a precious resource that must be managed to ensure that an abundant supply is left for future generations – start with water conservation!

Water Facts:

  • Using a running hose to wash your car can waste up to 400 litres of water. Using a bucket with a sponge plus a trigger nozzle on the hose will save you approximately 300 of those litres!
  • Lawn watering and other outdoor uses can account for 50% of home water use during the summer months, try using a rain barrel and watering in the evening to cut water costs.
  • Approximately 20 litres of water are used while brushing teeth with the tap on – save water by turning the tap off!
  • Your old toilet may be using as much as 3 times more water than a new low flow toilet.  Consider replacing your old toilet and save on your water bills!
  • Older water fixtures such as taps and shower heads can use a significant amount of water.  Consider installing an inexpensive aerator on your taps and installing water efficient shower heads to save even more money on your water bills!

Helpful Hints:

  • A healthy lawn only requires about 1 inch of water per week! Try using an empty tuna can on your lawn when watering.  When it is full, you are done!
  • Let grass grow to 6-8 cm (2½ to 3 inches) before cutting, and leave the grass clippings on the lawn to aid in moisture retention.
  • Using mulch in your garden/flower beds will help the soil retain moisture and reduce the amount of water needed!
  • Check hoses and sprinklers for leaks prior to use.


Water Bills

Water bills are issued every two months and are due the last working day of January, March, May, July, September, and November.  Water meters are now read remotely and actual consumption figures are used in the billing process.

Town Hall accepts payment by cash, cheque or debit. Payments are also accepted at local banks, tele-banking and online banking.

Notice provided to all Property Owners on August 1, 2015 regarding changes to utility billing

Water Wastewater Billing and Collection Policy


Lead in Drinking Water FAQS

Water and Wastewater Master Plan

Storm Water Master Plan

Water Pollution Control Center

Water Filtration Plant

Asset Management Plan

Town of Arnprior Asset Management Plan – January 2014

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