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Arnprior Downtown Revitalization Project Complete

The Town of Arnprior is pleased to announce the completion of the two-year Downtown Revitalization Project. This project was the largest single self-funded investment ever made by the Town towards the rehabilitation of aging infrastructure. The revitalization included the reconstruction of sanitary sewers, storm sewers, watermains, roads, curbs, sidewalks, streetlights, and the traffic signals at the intersection of John Street and Elgin Street, and has brought new life to Arnprior’s downtown streetscape with the placement of new trees, planters, and various forms of street furniture.

The Revitalization project provided not only an enhanced streetscape but improved accessibility in Arnprior’s downtown core. The Downtown Revitalization construction eliminated barrier steps to 35 of 90 businesses and in partnership with the Town’s Downtown Accessibility grant saw the installation of accessibility ramps and automatic door openers.

The downtown business community has also shown their commitment and investment in revitalizing the downtown. Many businesses and property owners have invested in their own properties and utilized the Town’s Community Improvement Plan Incentives to make improvements to their business facades. There has also been significant investment in the Downtown during the revitalization construction with ten (10) new businesses opening within the downtown over the past two years.

Mayor David Reid says “the revitalization of the downtown is much more than the physical infrastructure and streetscape work that has been completed. This revitalization has transformed the Downtown into a community focal point and gathering space that is focused on pedestrians, is attractive and welcoming to all residents, visitors and potential businesses”.