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Licences + Fees

Business Licence

The Town currently issues licences for various types of businesses that operate in the Town of Arnprior in accordance with the Town of Arnprior Licencing By-law, as amended. The application forms and fees (as per the User Fees and Charges By-law) are listed in the table below.  Forms should be completed with all approvals required attached and returned to Town Hall (105 Elgin Street West). If there are any questions or concerns please contact:

Maureen Spratt Kaila Zamojski
Town Clerk
613-623-4231 Ext. 1817
Deputy Clerk
613-623-4231 Ext. 1818
Business Licence Type Application Form Licence Fee
Clothing Donation Bin/Drop Box Clothing Donation Bin-Drop Box Application No Charge 

*Not For Profit/ Charity Only

Old Gold &/or Precious Metal Dealer Old Gold Precious Metal Dealer Application Annual: $200

1 Week: $100

Pawnbroker Pawnbroker Application Annual: $250
Hawker/Peddler Hawker Peddler Application Annual: $500
Mobile Canteen

Refreshment Stand/Vehicle

Ice Cream Stand/Bicycle

Mobile Canteen Refreshment Ice Cream Application Annual: $750

Per Month: $62.50

Market Vendor (Arnprior Market) Market Vendor Application Form will be made available in early March 3rd, 2020 Daily 1-5 Sundays
$15.00 per dayDaily 6 -10 Sundays
$10.00 per dayDaily 11-20 Sundays
$5.00 per dayCommunity Booth: No ChargeYouth Booth:          No Charge
Special Event Licence (Municipal Property) Special Event Licence Application Form $25/day or part thereof, up to a maximum of $150
Outdoor Sidewalk Patio Cafe Outdoor Sidewalk Patio Cafe Application Non-Liquor Licensed Patio (Full Season):


Liquor Licensed Patio (Full Season): 

$3.00/sq foot

*min. fee of $500 and max. fee of $1000*

All businesses (licensed or not) are encouraged to register their business with the Town to be listed on the Town’s website. Registration is free, simply fill out this Business Registration Form and submit to Lindsay Wilson: lwilson@arnprior.ca

raffle tickets in basket

Lottery License

Do I need a License?

Raffle Lotteries

Raffle lotteries where the prize value to be awarded does not exceed $50,000.  “A raffle lottery is described as a lottery scheme where tickets are sold and the winner of a prize is determined by the random selection by draw of one or more tickets from all those sold.”


Bingo licences where the total cash prize value to be awarded on any one occasion does not exceed $5,500.  “Bingo is a game of chance where the players are awarded a cash prize for being the first to complete a specified arrangement of numbers on pre-printed bingo cards from numbers selected at random.”

Break Open Ticket

Break open ticket lotteries are where the tickets are not sold in conjunction with another gaming event.  “Break open tickets are instant win lottery tickets commonly known as pull tab, nevada or break open tickets.”

General Policies

  • Licences are issued to charitable organizations that are home-based within the Town of Arnprior.
  • Participants in any lottery must be at least 18 years of age
  • Organizations must be in existence for at least one year before being considered eligible for licensing.
  • Lottery proceeds cannot be used to start up a charitable organization

What do I need to provide?

What is Needed to Determine Eligibility?
When an organization applies for a lottery license, it needs to provide the following documents or information in order that its eligibility can be reviewed:

  • Incorporation Papers (Letters Patent)
  • Constitution and By-Laws
  • Notification of Charitable Registration (Canada Customs and Revenue Agency)
  • The most recent Registered Charity Information Return & Public Information *
  • Return, as submitted to Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (if applicable) *
  • Financial Statement for Previous Fiscal Year (audited, where applicable) *
  • Detailed outline of all programs/services provided in the previous year and specific costs incurred in delivery *
  • Detailed outline of all programs/service currently provided and specific costs incurred in delivery *
  • The current operating budget *
  • Current Listing of the Board of Directors *
  • Any other information that will assist in determining the charitable nature of the objects and purposes. This could include an annual report, correspondence relating to its charitable number for income-tax purposes, confirmation that it meets the reporting requirements of the Charities Accounting Act *

* (if applicable)

The proposed use of proceeds, which must be consistent with the primary objects and purposes of the organization and of a charitable nature consistent with at least one of the four classifications of charitable purposes:

  1. The Relief of Poverty *
  2. The Advancement of Education *
  3. The Advancement of Religion *
  4. Any Purpose Beneficial to the Community *
    1. The Nature of Culture and the Arts
    2. The Nature of Health and Welfare
    3. Sports Organizations
    4. Public Amenities
    5. Service clubs

* (if applicable)

Information taken from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario’s Lottery Licensing Policy Manual

Applications and Terms & Conditions:

Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario Information – Charitable Gaming Licences

Type of Lottery Application Terms & Conditions
Bazaar Bazaar Licence Application Bazaar Licence Terms & Conditions
Blanket Raffle Blanket Raffle Licence Application Raffle Licence Terms & Conditions
Raffle Raffle Licence Application Raffle Licence Terms & Conditions
Bingo Bingo Licence Application Bingo Licence Terms & Conditions
Break Open Ticket Break Open Ticket Licence Application Break Open Ticket Licence Terms & Conditions

If there are any questions or concerns please contact:

Maureen Spratt Kaila Zamojski
Town Clerk
613-623-4231 Ext. 1817
Deputy Clerk
613-623-4231 Ext. 1818

couple getting married

Marriage Licences

Having your marriage performed?

A civil marriage may be performed by an Ontario judge, justice of the peace or a municipal clerk under the authority of a marriage licence. Each municipality will set its own fees and can even offer civil marriage services. The following are the fees for marriage licences and ceremonies offered by the Town of Arnprior:


$125.00 – In Town Residents
$150.00 – Out of Town Residents

Ceremonies:  **This service is currently not available due to Covid-19 closures.  We will resume bookings and performing weddings when it is safe to do so.**

$175.00 – 8:30–4:30 Mon–Fri
$300.00 – Outside of working hours
$75.00 – Officiant attendance at rehearsal

How do I get a marriage licence?

In most cases, if you are being married in a religious or civil ceremony, you need a marriage licence. However, if you are being married in a religious ceremony, you may be eligible to be married by a publication of banns (making an announcement of the details of your intent to marry in your church, mosque or synagogue). Speak to your religious official for more information.

You can apply for a marriage licence at the Town Hall in Arnprior. You must first download the Marriage License Application Form and fill it out.  Once you have filled out the Application form, you may apply for the marriage licence in person. Make sure you and your partner bring identification, such as a birth certificate (along with any change of name certificates), current passport, Record of Immigrant Landing or Canadian citizenship card and photo ID to prove your current legal name and age.

There is a marriage licence fee, See below for the current fee. The marriage licence is valid anywhere in Ontario for three months from the date of purchase. If the licence expires, you will have to purchase another one.

The following are the fees for marriage licences in Town of Arnprior:

$125.00 – In town residents
$150.00 – Out of town residents

For more information please contact:

Maureen Spratt Kaila Zamojski
Town Clerk 613-623-4231 Ext. 1817  mspratt@arnprior.ca Deputy Clerk  613-623-4231 Ext. 1818 kzamojski@arnprior.ca

For more frequently asked questions and information, you may visit the Government of Ontario’s FAQ Page.

You must be at least 18 years old to be married in Ontario by license or under the authority of the publication of banns (an announcement of the details of your intent to marry in your church, mosque or synagogue) without parental consent.

If you are 16 or 17 years old, you may marry if you have the written consent of both parents. Other restrictions may apply.

What if I want to get married outside Ontario?

When you get married outside of Ontario, your marriage won’t be registered in the province. You may need to purchase a licence from the place where you get married.

What if I want to remarry after a divorce?

If you were divorced in Canada, you must bring the original or court-certified copy of the final decree, final judgment or certificate of divorce to the Town Hall when you are purchasing the marriage license.

If you were divorced outside of Canada, you must obtain authorization from the Ministry of Government Services before you can purchase a marriage licence.

For authorization, collect the following documents:

  • A completed Marriage Licence Application
  • A Statement of Sole Responsibility for each divorce signed by both parties of this marriage
  • An original or court-certified copy of the divorce decree or annulment. If the decree is in a language other than English or French, include a translated copy together with an affidavit sworn by a certified translator
  • A legal opinion from an Ontario lawyer, addressed to both applicants to the marriage, giving reasons why the divorce or annulment should be recognized in the Province of Ontario. The Office of the Registrar General will fax a sample legal opinion letter to your lawyer if you call (807)-343-7492 or toll-free at 1- 800-461-2156.

And send them to:

The Office of the Registrar General Marriage Office
P.O. Box 4600
189 Red River Road
Thunder Bay, ON P7B 6L8

How do I assume my spouse’s/partner’s name?

Assuming a name due to a relationship is the most common practice in Canada. A person may choose to assume the use and be recognized by their spouse or partner’s surname. This is not a change in legal name, however, is generally accepted. The vast majority of people choose this option.

There is no need for a formal application. You may simply assume your spouse’s/partner’s last name (surname) or a combination of your last name and your spouse’s/partner’s last name (hyphenated surname).

Once you are married or in a conjugal relationship (common-law or same-sex marriage), you may apply to change all your identification (health card, drivers license, passport and banking information etc.) with your marriage certificate. No formal name change is required.

The benefit of not completing a legal name change is that it does not change the name on your birth certificate. There are also no fees required to do this.

If you wish to use your legal name again, you simple revert back by presenting your birth certificate as proof of your legal name.

Licenses and Permits image

Commissioner of Oaths

The Clerk’s Office at the Town of Arnprior can help you with documents that require signing before a Commissioner for Taking Oaths.

Commissioning Legal Documents

  • Commissioners are available at Town Hall (105 Elgin Street West) between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday to commission your documents.
  • The person or persons swearing the affidavit must appear before the Commissioner with proper identification. Identification should be original photo identification such as a Driver’s License or passport.


The fee for Commissioner of Oaths is as follows:

  • Residents – all documents $10
  • Non-residents- all documents $35
  • Preparing or generating any document is no longer provided

Documents that may not be commissioned by the Clerk’s Office:

  • Wills (including living and codicils)
  • Powers of attorney
  • Documents relating to: separation , divorce, custody, theft, finance, or real estate
Maureen Spratt Kaila Zamojski
Town Clerk 613-623-4231 Ext. 1817  mspratt@arnprior.ca Deputy Clerk  613-623-4231 Ext. 1818 kzamojski@arnprior.ca

man biking with his dog

Pet Registration Process

  • Click here to register online.
  • Hard copies of the Pet Registration Form can also be obtained at Town Hall or here :
    • Town Hall: 105 Elgin Street West, Arnprior, ON. K7S 0A8
  • All hard copy forms must be submitted to the Clerk’s Office by mail or email
  • Any question or concerns can be directed to:
Maureen Spratt Emily Melanson
Town Clerk
613-623-4231 Ext. 1817
Client Services Admin. Assistant
613-623-4231 Ext. 1818

Jan 1st – Feb 28/29


March 1st – 31st

Cats or Dogs – spayed or neutered: $25.00
Cats or Dogs- NOT spayed or neutered: $50.00

April 1st – Dec 31st

Cats or Dogs – spayed or neutered: $50.00
Cats or Dogs- NOT spayed or neutered: $100.00