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Property Tax

Tax Bill

Property Taxes are billed twice per year.  The Interim Bill is issued in February (calculated at 50% of previous year taxes) and the Final Bill is issued in August.  Both billings have two instalments and penalty/interest is 1.25% per month on any unpaid balance.

Questions or concerns regarding your tax bill can be directed to:

 Karen Tourangeau
Finance Specialist – Taxation and Accounts Payable
613-623-4231 Ext. 1824

2020 Billing Due Dates

Council has authorized these temporary financial measures for individuals and businesses in response to the Covid-19 crisis:

  • Waiving of penalty and interest for Water/Wastewater billings with due dates March 31, April 30 and May 31, 2020.
  • 30-day grace period with deferral of property tax second instalment date from May 29, 2020 to June 30, 2020.
  • 60-day grace period with deadline extension for properties with taxes two years in arrears prior to the issuance of a tax certificate.

For any payments owing to the Town, options include online or telephone banking, mailing a cheque to the Town Hall or dropping off a payment in the secure mail slot at Town Hall located at 105 Elgin Street W, Arnprior. We encourage residents to use these means of payment if at all possible.

First Installment February 28
Second Installment May 29
Third Installment August 31
Fourth Installment November 30

To Avoid Penalty

All payments including those by mail, must be received by the due dates.

If You Don’t Have Your Bill For Any Reason

Contact the Tax Department at 613-623-4231 ext. 1824 to obtain a copy.  The original bill is sent to the owner(s) at the last known address.  Where payment is not made because the bill was not received, penalties will not be cancelled.  Please ensure that you inform the tax department of any address changes.

Supplementary Tax Bills

If your property includes new construction or is modified, a Supplementary Tax Bill will be issued when the assessment information is received.

Property Tax Payment Options

Taxes are payable in Canadian Funds to the Town of Arnprior

  • In Person:  At Town Hall by Cash, Cheque or Interac
  • By Mail: Send your payment to 105 Elgin St. W., Arnprior, ON  K7S 0A8
  • At Local Banks: Payments can be made at any bank located in Arnprior
  • Internet/Telephone Banking:  Contact your financial institution for information
  • You will need your tax roll number (see below for where to find this on your bill) to set up internet/telephone banking.

Tax Bill with roll number pointed outPre-Authorized Payment Plan

Effective January 1, 2019, the Town of Arnprior will be offering the ability to pay property taxes through pre-authorized payment. In order to register, please fill out this Application Form         and submit to the Town by mail (105 Elgin Street West, Arnprior, ON. K7S 0A8) or email (ktourangeau@arnprior.ca) with a VOID Cheque.

If you have any questions about this new opportunity, please contact:

Karen Tourangeau at 613-623-4231 Ext. 1824 or ktourangeau@arnprior.ca

Property Assessment

The municipality is not responsible for determining a property’s assessed value.  For detailed assessment information please contact the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation at www.mpac.ca.

Sale of Land for Tax Arrears

This is the location where Sale of Land for Tax Arrears by the Town of Arnprior will be published.  If there are any for sale by tender, they will be listed here.  Once the closing date has passed, they will be deleted from this site.

Vacancy Rebates

Renfrew County has received Ministerial consent to eliminate all vacant unit and vacant and excess land subclasses, taking effect for the 2019 taxation year and thereafter, therefore the Town of Arnprior no longer processes Vacancy Rebates.