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Procurement (Tenders & Proposals)

The Town of Arnprior administers purchasing activities in accordance with the Town’s Procurement Policy and established  procedures to ensure:

  • The process is competitive and cost-effective;
  • Fair, open, transparent and equitable treatment for all suppliers;
  • The Town receives the best value for taxpayer dollars; and
  • Conformity with the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA), and the Trade and Cooperation Agreement between Ontario and Quebec (OQTCA)

The Town of Arnprior has a Procurement Policy (last updated in April of 2019), which outlines the with respect to its procurement of goods and services

Town of Arnprior Request for Tender (RFT) Results:

Closing Date Tender Name/ Number  Tender Document Tender Unofficial Results
Active/ Open Tenders
Inactive/Closed Tenders
RFT# PW-2020-08

One Four Wheeled Loader & Plow

RFT# PW-2020-07

Arnprior 2020 Road Resurfacing

RFT# PW-2020-06
2020 McLean Ave. Park, Arnprior Marina, and Albert Street Cemetery Tree Removal Project
RFT# PW-2020-05

Recyclable Material Collection Services 

RFT# PW-2020-03

Three Pick Up Trucks

PW-2020-02 (Mould Remediation and Fit-Up at the Nick Smith Centre) Download 
PW-2020-01 (Alicia Street West Reconstruction) Download
#PW-2019-12  Grinding of Construction, Demolition, Wood and Other Waste at the Arnprior Waste Disposal Site Download
Two (2) Articulating Sidewalk Plows with
RFT # PW-2019-10 Rooftop Make-up Air N/A
PW-2019-11 (2019 Road Resurfacing Program) N/A
PW-2019-05 (One Single Axle Plow Truck) N/A
RFT-PW-2019-02 – Small Roof Replacements Download
RFT-PW-2019-08 – Eco-Friendly Weed Control Program Download

Town of Arnprior Request for Proposal (RFP) Results:

Closing Date Tender Name/ Number Proposal Document Tender Unofficial Results
Active/Open Tenders
Inactive/Closed Tenders
2019-Nov-08 at 2:00 p.m. CORP-2019-02 – General Insurance and Risk Management Services Download

For more information, please contact Estelle Moynes at 613-623-4231 ext. 1822 or emoynes@arnprior.ca

2019-Oct-30 at 2:00 p.m. CSB-2019-01 – Waterfront Master Plan Download

For more information, please contact Robin Paquette at 613-623-4231 ext. 1827 or rpaquette@arnprior.ca

Roof Access Ladders  Download

Questions regarding the Town of Arnprior Procurement Process can be directed to:

Maureen Spratt, Town Clerk 


613-623-4231 ext. 1817

Jennifer Morawiec, GM, Client Services/Treasurer


613-623-4231 ext. 1820