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Public Registry of Pecuniary Interest

Once sworn into office, it is the obligation of all members of Council when making decisions or giving advice on council matters to act honestly and responsibly in carrying out their functions.

A pecuniary interest is a matter where one may have any direct or indirect conflict in relation to a matter under consideration. For an “indirect pecuniary interest” see Section 2 of the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act. For a “deemed direct or indirect pecuniary interest” see Section 3 of the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act. The onus is on the member of Council to determine whether they are affected by the pecuniary interest provisions.

Section 6.1 of the Act requires municipalities and local boards to establish and maintain registries that keep copies of statements filed under section 5.1 and of declarations recorded under Section 6 of the Act. It is required that all members of Council submit their disclosures of pecuniary interest in writing to the Clerk or immediately following the meeting during which they verbally disclose an interest in writing to the Clerk.

The registry below has been created to provide interested parties with access to past disclosures of pecuniary interest.


As per 6.1(1) of the Act, every municipality and local board shall establish and maintain a registry. As per 6.1(2), the registry shall be available for public inspection in the manner and during the time that the municipality or local board, as the case may be, may determine. The registry will be posted at the bottom of this page and contain each declaration.

Meeting TypeDatePersonAgenda ItemReasonForm
Regular Meeting of CouncilSeptember 23, 2019Lisa McGeeItem 10(c)I own an Airbnb and could be impacted directly or indirectly from Council’s decision.Download
Regular Meeting of CouncilMay 27, 2019Dan LynchItem 7(a)I am a part-time employee of the Arnprior AirportDownload
Regular Meeting of CouncilMay 27, 2019Ted StrikeItem 15 (iv)Abutting land ownerDownload