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2018 Municipal Election Results

Under the Municipal Elections Act, the four-year term of office for the newly elected Council and School Board Trustees begins December 1, 2018 and ends November 14, 2022. 

Pursuant to Section s. 55(4.1) of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996, please find below the number of votes for each candidate and the number of spoiled and declined votes.  Additionally, pursuant to Section 88(9.1) of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996, financial statements as filed by candidates and registered third parties are being posted for public viewing.


Candidate’s Name # of Votes Financial Statements
FLOWERS, Gabriel 987 Download
STACK, Walter 1921 Download
Spoiled Ballots 36
Declined Ballots 95
Total Votes 3039

County Councillor

Candidate’s Name # of Votes Financial Statements
LYNCH, Dan Acclaimed Download


Candidate’s Name # of Votes Financial Statements
BISSONNETTE, Marc 936 Download
BURNETTE, Tom 1605 Download
DUGAL, Frank 1208 Download
FOGARASI, Andrew 607 Download
GRINSTEAD, Lynn 1437 Download
MARTIN, Danny 1134 Download
McGEE, Lisa 1683 Download
MILLER, Glenn 645 Download
STRIKE, Ted 1379 Download
TONER, Chris 1782 Download
WHITE, Geoffrey 482 Download
Spoiled Ballots 13
Declined Ballots 17
Total Votes 12,928

School Board Trustee

Candidate’s Name # of Votes Board
BRAY, Andy Acclaimed – English Separate Download
EDGE, Nic Acclaimed – English Public Download
LEMELIN, Robert  Acclaimed – French Separate Download
STITT, Colette Acclaimed – French Public Download
Voter Turnout: 47.63%