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What is a Delegation?

A Delegation is when an individual or group is requesting permission to appear before an Advisory Committee or Council. In order to speak at a Council or Advisory Committee meeting, perspective Delegations must first complete the Request Form: Appear as a Delegation. Delegations are encouraged to bring any relevant information to the appropriate Advisory Committee before appearing before Council where time permits, to allow members to consider all information before making their recommendations to Council.  You do not need to register as a delegation if you want to attend a meeting as an observer, as all Advisory Committee and Council meetings are open to the public, except from a portion of the meeting which is considered closed in accordance with provisions of the Municipal Act.

Request Form Process:

An individual or group can complete and submit the Request Form: Appear as a Delegation online, or print and submit the form (by mail or in person) to the Clerk’s Office
105 Elgin Street West
Arnprior, ON.
K7S 0A8

Any questions or clarification needed can be directed to the Clerk’s Office:

Maureen Spratt Kaila Zamojski
Town Clerk
613-623-4231 Ext. 1817
Deputy Clerk
613-623-4231 Ext. 1818