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Complaints & Feedback

The Town of Arnprior recognizes the importance of public input and welcomes
complaints as valuable forms of feedback from the public. The information gained from resident
complaints and feedback helps improve the quality of services provided by the Town of

The Town of Arnprior has a Complaint Management & Resolution Policy that provides the public with an avenue for submitting complaints and provides Town staff with consistent practices for handling complaints about Town programs, facilities, services and staff.

What is a complaint?

Expression of dissatisfaction with a Town service, program, facility, or staff
member, where a member of the public feels the Town has not provided sufficient service

  • Formal Complaint – a complaint that sets out the facts and reasons that the
    complainant believes are sufficient to support the complaint being filed against the
    Town, which follows a formal process. If you would like to submit a formal complaint please do so in writing, by filling out the Complaint Form.
  • Frivolous Complaint – a complaint that has no serious purpose or value, which may
    have little merit and be trivial; investigating would be out of proportion to the seriousness
    of the issues complained about.
  • Informal Complaint – a complaint expressed verbally to an employee, which is not
    dealt with through a formal process.
  • Vexatious Complaint – a complaint without merit, which intends to cause
    inconvenience, harassment or expense to the Town.

Residents may also have a Request for Service or Compliment they would like the Town to respond to.

  • Please fill out the Contact Us Form on the website to submit a Request for Service or Compliment.
  • Alternatively, you may contact the Clerk’s Office at 613-623-4231 Ext. 1819 to log your Request for Service or Compliment.