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School Visits

What will your student gain from a Museum Visit?

  • Fulfilling connection to local heritage
  • Strong understanding of past vs. present
  • Respect for local artifacts
  • Experiential learning opportunity
  • Fun, memorable, interesting lessons and activities


Cost: $2/Student Teachers and Chaperones are FREE
Program Hours: Monday – Friday Between 8:30am – 3:00pm

Can’t make it to them museum? Let us come to you!

Most of our programs can be adapted and enjoyed in your classroom! We are happy to work with you to ensure your students do not miss the opportunity about their local heritage and culture. Contact us for our available travel exhibits.

What is the relevance of local museums?

The Bigger Picture:

Understanding and appreciating local history is the foundation for students to be able to use those skills in a broader, world wide context. By understanding their own history, students will be able to make cross cultural connections and appreciate diversity locally and worldwide.

Contemporary pedagogical methods highlight the importance of exposing students to new environments and surroundings. Take the opportunity to get out of the classroom and experience living history and local stories from artifacts. Allow students to explore and contemplate the role of the local museum in a contemporary setting.

The Importance of Place

Don’t miss the opportunity to instil the importance of heritage and identity through the concept of ‘place’. Start developing the cognitive awareness of all aspects of student’s local community and how they got to this ‘place’. Allow students to ask how and why Arnprior exists as a town? The idea of ‘place’ and belonging has evolved in a technological age— why not explore the physical environment and what it means to belong to a ‘place’ and the students role in that place.

Community Partners

As outlined in the 2018 Ontario Curriculum for Social Studies, History, and Geography, utilizing community resources can be very valuable in the enrichment of a student’s education.

“Community partners are an important resource…Such organizations can provide expertise, skills, materials, and programs not available through the school…” pg.18

Allow us to serve you and your students as we build and strengthen ties between local schools and the surrounding community. Come partner with us!


Examine the Life of the Early Settlers 

Early Settlers, in Arnprior, will be explored through living history artifacts, commonly used by young and old in the mid-late 19th century and early 20th century. Family roles, traditions, and community life will be analyzed and interpreted. Students will be engaged with a comparative activity/craft of past vs. present life in Arnprior. A Scavenger Hunt of the Museum will challenge students while immersing them in our exhibits. Activities will be adapted to suit the age of participants.

Recommended for Grades 1-6, Curriculum relevance for Grades 1, 2, 3, and 6

Arnprior Postal Service

Students will learn about local history by examining the Museum’s landmark building at 35 Madawaska Street. Designed by dominion architect, Thomas Fuller, our Museum’s original purpose was a Post Office. Museum Curator, Janet Carlile, will take students on a tour, pointing out features and artifacts related to the original Post Office. Students will get to look at vintage postcards from the past, and create their own postage stamp! Students will engage in conversations as they discuss the impacts that modern technology has had on the long history of the postal service.

Recommended for Grades 2-6, Curriculum relevance for grades 1, 2, 3, 6

Heritage and Identity: Indigenous Studies

Students will experience a guided tour of the “Arnprior ‘till Now”exhibit, conducted by Museum Curator, Janet Carlile. They will then have the opportunity to handle living history artefacts from the Algonquin First Nations. Students will be encouraged to formulate questions surrounding the interaction between Indigenous peoples and Europeans. Students will engaged in a mapping activity that follows settlement patterns.

Recommended for Grades 1-6, Curriculum relevance for Grades 3 & 5

Our Town, Past and Present

A comparative mapping study is the basis for Our Town, Past and Present. Thought historical images and discussions of foundational community features (industry, education, commerce, community), students will compare Arnprior of the Past to Present day Arnprior. Students will be involved in a hands on, map-building activity. A Scavenger Hunt of the Museum will challenge students while immersing them in our exhibits.

Recommended for Grades 1-6, Curriculum reverence for Grades 1, 2, 3, 6

Remembrance Day – Arnprior on the World Stage

Museum Curator, Janet Carlile, will guide students on a tour of Arnprior on the World Stage. This permanent exhibit displays profiles and memorabilia of local Arnprior residents. Photos and artefacts will allow students to appreciate the efforts put forth by everyday people to allow was the freedoms we enjoy today. Students will participate in the Postcards for Peace Program, where letters and post cards are delivered to surviving Veterans residing in Ontario. Students will also learn the difference between collection primary and secondary information as they discuss how information was collected for this exhibit.

Recommended for Grades 1-6

Christmas: Traditions Past and Present

Celebrate the holiday season at the Museum! Students will learn about Christmas traditions of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. In comparing and contrasting the ways of celebrating the holiday, students will learn how traditions have evolved over time. Create handmade ornaments to take home and enjoy the one activity that surpasses all cultural borders: food! Students will participate in a small group activity that engages in various and cross-cultural holidays.

Recommended for Grades 1-6

Customizable Programs

Alternative Programs

Unable to find the right program? The Museum wants to work with teachers to create programs that fit the needs of the classroom, while fulfilling curriculum requirements. We want to develop open communications with schools in order to take advantage of our resources.

Whether it be an art requirement or social science, the Arnprior & District Museum is here to help. Contact us with your ideas and we’ll do our best to make them happen!

Historical Tours

Tours: Historical tours are recommended for Grades 7-12 and are conducted by Museum Curator, Janet Carlile.

Options Include: Museum Exhibits, Local Architecture (walking tour), and Cemetery (walking tour).

Ready to book a visit?

Here is what you need to know…

When to book – We ask that you book your visit at least 3 weeks in advance, so we can best accommodate your class.

Class Size – Our programs are best suited to classes of 20-25 students. Larger groups can be accommodated with advance notice

Accessibility –  Bus parking is available. The Museum is wheelchair accessible in the main floor, however the upper floors are not. Pease advise us of any accessibility  considerations when booking your program.

What to bring – We advise students to bring a water bottle and indoor shoes (during inclement weather). Snacks are also permitted in certain areas of the Museum. Please advise us if your group will be needing time and space for a snack during your visit.

Payment – Class visits can be paid by cash or cheque, on the date of the visit. Invoices can also be sent to your school for payment, following the program. Receipts will be provided.