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Programs and Events

Sundays at the Museum

August 4 9:30-11:00 am

Garden Night lights

  • Inspired from nature and just in time for fireflies of summer! Each child can make one to take home.  Lots of time for your children to explore the museum through games and activities!

August 11 9:30-11:00 am

Create your own masterpiece

  • Inspired from our great country of Artists. Children can choose an artist’s work to emulate and create their very own masterpiece!  Your children can learn about the history of Arnprior and surrounding area through games and activities throughout the month of August.

August 18 9:30-11:00 am

Military Honours!

  • Inspired by the stories of our veterans. An artifact table to enjoy with WWI and WWII helmets and much more!  Children can create their own ID tags to take home.  Waiting to be discovered through games and activities, Arnprior on the World Stage which spotlights the experiences of an advanced scout soldier, a WWII tanker and sailor with uniforms, medals and personal gear.

August 25 – 9:30 -11:00 am

Friendship day

  • Inspired by the friendships made in the warm months of summer! Children can make beaded friendship bracelets for their BBF’s and explore the museum’s garden and exhibits through activities and games.

Soaking in the Sun Summer Camp

With an Array of Unique and Fun Themed Days, There is Something for Everyone to Enjoy!

  • Camp days run Monday – Thursday from 12:30-3:30
  • Camp cost is $7 per child
  • Sign up for 5 days and only pay $30!
  • Welcome to all children ages 5-12! (born 2007-2014)

For more information please contact:

Cassie Campbell at 613-623-4902 or email: ccampbell@arnprior.ca

Daily Themes

July 2: The Wonders of Flight

Airplanes, jets, and helicopters. All systems of travel that are very familiar to us today, but they have not always been. Learn about the history of aviation through fun games, airplane throwing competitions, and much more!

July 3: Under the Big Top

Experience the world of circus fun at the museum. The day will include circus themed games and activities, as well as fun arts and crafts! You do not want to miss!

July 4: Shiver Me Timbers

Rrrrr you ready for a pirate adventure? Get into character with fun pirate crafts and participate in a treasure hunt throughout the museum!

July 8: Birds of a Feather

We have so many feathered friends across the globe. Learn about birds that live in Canada, as well as birds from across the globe. Enjoy many fun games and crafts throughout the day too!

July 9: Queens, Kings, Jokers Oh My!

Have you ever wanted to be a king or a queen? Or maybe you are a class clown at school and would rather be the court joker. Make your crown or jester hat in arts and crafts, then participate in an array of fun games!

July 10: Out of this World

Come for a day of outer space fun! Learn about different planets, play some astronaut themed games, and create amazing space theme crafts! This day is sure to be loads of fun!

July 11: Everyday is Earth Day

As stewards of the earth, it is our responsibility to take care of our planet. Learn ways you can take care of your environment and play some fun games to hype you up about earth!

July 15: Who Wants to be a Superhero?

Superheros come in all shapes and sizes! From Marvel’s Avengers all the way to our very own police and firemen! Become a superhero and learn what it really means to be a hero.

July 16-17: Lets get Covered in Paint

Art can be messy, and we are going to embrace the mess! Join us for two art filled days at the museum with games that get you covered in paint and beautiful art to take home to your parents! Don’t forget to bring a pair of clothes that you don’t mind getting paint on!

July 18: Explorer Expedition

Explore the museum on a safari themed day. Look for animals hiding around, learn about them, and make your safari equipment in arts and crafts!

July 22: Barnyard Express

In Arnprior we are surrounded by farms filled with barnyard animals. Learn about the different animals on farms, make some of them in arts and crafts, and play wacky games throughout the day!

July 23: Pyjama Party

Come dressed in your Pj’s and enjoy a day filled with games and crafts! Everything is so much more fun when you are in your Pj’s all day, not to mention so much more comfy!

July 24: Dino Frenzie

Long before people roamed the earth, dinosaurs did! Find dinosaurs throughout the museum, learn about the different species of dinos, and even make your own!

July 25: What’s the Name of the Game?

What’s better than a day filled with games? That’s right, nothing! Enjoy a day filled with so many games and you’ll have a smile all day!

July 29: Tiki Time

Aloha! Get decked out with Hawaiian themed gear that we make in arts and crafts and learn about Hawaii! Games are of course included.

July 30: Mad Scientist

What happens when you add baking soda and vinegar together? Come find out! This day will be filled with fun science experiments that you can recreate at home and show your family!

July 31: Around the World

Become a tourist and travel the world at the museum! Learn about different cultures and different countries from across the world, all while playing fun games!

August 1: Camping Adventure

Want to go camping, but do not want the mosquitoes that come with it? Then come to the museum for our camping themed day!

August 6: Métis Nation of Ontario

Métis Nation of Ontario is coming down to the Arnprior Museum to hold a workshop for children! They will be playing fun games, making crafts that are meaningful to traditional Métis culture, and much more! If there is one day you do not want to miss, it is this one!

August 7: Master Chef

Create easy DIY foods that you didn’t know you could make easy at home! Bring an appetite because you will be snacking! Games are also included!

August 8: Into the Deep Blue

Explore the ocean and learn about cool fish you probably didn’t know existed! Create ocean themed arts and crafts and play games inspired by the deep blue!

August 12: Ancient Myths

Have you ever been interested in Ancient Greek and Roman gods/goddesses? Learn all about cooky myths from thousands of years ago and play games fit for a god or goddess!

August 13-14 : Kids 2019 Summer Olympics

Join us for a two day Olympic competition! Compete in fun sports, challenging activities, and make your own olympic medal, because everyone’s a winner here!

August 15: Alice in Wonderland

Forget what you know to be true. Up is now down, and left is now right. What was big is now small and reality is now the imaginary. This day will challenge your imagination and pull out your creative side!

August 19: Into the Wild

There are so many different animals in the world. Learn about many of them on this animal themed day. Make animal crafts, play games inspired by our furry friends, and have a boat load of fun!

August 20: Oh Sunny Days

Its summer and off to the beach we go… at the museum. Beach themed games and crafts are to expected, and maybe bring a towel, because you are sure to get hit with some water!

August 21: Splash from the Past

Explore history with our time travelling themed day! Learn about different time periods, created fun crafts exploring the theme, and play many games throughout the museum! No time travel machine needed.

August 22: Calling all Spies

Have you ever wanted to be a secret agent? Well come on down and sign up to be a spy. Get your own spy name, create a disguise, and go on a secret mission!

August 26: Architects at Work

Be ready for a day of building! This day not only challenged the imagination but also requires hands on construction! Build wacky towers, compete with other kids to see whos tower stays up longer, and play many games!

August 27: Critters in the Grass

Bugs are everywhere. Seriously everywhere, it’s kind of annoying sometimes. However, they are important to our environment! Learn about different bugs, how they help us out, and what makes them unique!

August 28: Cryptid Kids

Have you ever heard of Bigfoot? Nessie the Lockness Monster? Mothman? If you have great! If you haven’t, still great! This day will be exploring these ‘monsters’ that aren’t quite proven to be true or false, or in other words, cryptids! Then you can decide whether or not you believe in them yourself!

August 29: Into the Ice Age

A long long time ago, the whole world was covered in snow and ice! Mammoths roamed the earth as well as sabre tooth tigers! Learn all about the Ice Age through fun games and crafts!