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Community Development Advisory Committee


To serve in an advisory capacity to Council in regards to matters related to: community improvement; economic development; marketing; planning and land use; growth management; development; heritage; leisure and recreation services; and tourism activities. To support and promote the “live, work, play” principle, in order to ensure a robust and sustainable local community and economy.


  1. To make recommendations on matters (ie. Community Improvement Plan) which are designed to help facilitate the renewal of existing developments and review proposals and design elements, related to Town improvements.
  2. To make recommendations related to economic development including developing a more dynamic and diverse business environment, by encouraging and supporting existing businesses while working to attract new business opportunities.
  3. To make recommendations related to Town Marketing and Branding Strategies.
  4. Upon request of Council, or the CAO, act in a Planning Advisory Committee role in accordance with Section 8 (1) of the Planning Act.
  5. To make recommendations to develop and promote awareness and use of the Town’s recreation facilities and programs, so as to enhance public fitness and community involvement of both the youth and senior populations.
  6. To make recommendations in the development and promotion of tourism opportunities in the municipality; particularly in relation to the town square, waterfront and trail systems.
  7. To make recommendations pertaining to partnership, grant and funding opportunities, as they relate to the Committee’s mandate.


Councillor Lynn Grinstead (Chair), Councillor Tom Burnette (Vice-Chair), Peter Anas, Guy Bahm, Neil Caldwell, Seth Malina, and Dennis Turpin.

Staff Resources

The Town Planner, Marketing & Economic Development Officer, and Director of Recreation Services shall be the Staff Advisers for the CDAC. Other Staff Advisers may be required, from time to time.

The following is a copy of the 2019 Calendar of Council and Committee Meetings

Please contact the Clerk’s Office if you require accommodations to attend a public meeting.


Date Type Agenda Minutes
Sep-16-19 Regular Meeting Download
May-21-19 Regular Meeting Download
Mar-18-19 Regular Meeting Download Download
06-18-18 Regular Meeting Download
04-16-18 Regular Meeting

*Public Open House – Draft Comprehensive Zoning By-law (5:00 pm – 6:30 pm – prior to the Regular Meeting)

Download Download
01-15-18 Regular Meeting Download  Download
16-10-17 Regular Meeting Download  Download
19-06-17 Regular Meeting Download  Download
15-05-17 Special Meeting – Waterfront Feasibility

Stanley Tourangeau Fire/ Police Services Centre

Download  Download
18-04-17 Regular Meeting (Tuesday) Download  Download
16-01-17 Regular Meeting Download  Download
17-10-16 Regular Meeting Download Download
20-06-16 Regular Meeting Download Download
18-04-16 Regular Meeting Download Download
18-01-16 Regular Meeting Download Download
02-11-15 Regular Meeting Download Download
08-09-15 Regular Meeting Download Download
06-07-15 Regular Meeting Download Download
05-04-15 Regular Meeting Download Download
09-02-14 Regular Meeting Download
07-07-14 Regular Meeting Download Download
05-05-14 Regular Meeting Cancelled Cancelled
03-31-14 Regular Meeting Download Download
03-03-14 Regular Meeting Cancelled Cancelled
01-06-14 Regular Meeting Download Download
11-04-13 Regular Meeting Download Download
09-03-13 Regular Meeting Download Download
06-20-13 Regular Meeting Download Download
05-06-13 Regular Meeting Download Download