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Ad Hoc Committee on Poverty and Homelessness


The mandate of the Ad Hoc Committee on Poverty and Homelessness is to identify partners in the Town of Arnprior and at the County of Renfrew that can provide advice to appropriate mandated agencies on issues that impact and address poverty and homelessness in Arnprior and surrounding areas and produce recommendations for agencies at the end of the Ad Hoc Committee’s mandate.


To meet and engage with a wide breadth of groups to fully understand underlying reasons for the existence of poverty and homelessness in our community and the challenges associated with delivering services to these individuals and families and offer solutions or feedback.


  • Being a sounding board to discuss ideas on poverty reduction through engaging all stakeholders, including local residents affected by poverty and homelessness;
  • Identifying organizations/agencies and other related services that have a mandate to provide support for poverty and homelessness matters in the municipality (Conducting a thorough categorized mapping of existing resources and evaluation of service gaps);
  • Providing advice to local Town Councils on matters pertaining to policies, practices and programs concerning poverty and homelessness in the municipality;
  • Advocating on policy issues on behalf of those living in poverty;
  • Providing advice and guidance to various agencies on the identification of initiatives, programs and policies that will help reduce poverty and homelessness


Josie Scott (Chair), Guy Lamarche (Vice Chair), Tina Chevrier, Lee Dyck, Councillor Lynn Grinstead, Karen Ann McKinna, Liz McLaren, Jade Nauman, Amy Scholten, Lyn Smith, Councillor Chris Toner, and Keri-Lyn Young

Staff Resources

The Town Clerk (or designate) shall be the Staff Advisor for the Committee.

At the January 29th, 2020 Committee Meeting, the Ad Hoc Committee on Poverty and Homelessness adopted the 2020 Schedule of Meetings (click here). All meetings take place at 3:30 PM on the dates specified below in Council Chambers on the second floor of Town Hall (105 Elgin Street West, Arnprior, ON K7S 0A8) unless otherwise noted on the meeting agenda.

Please contact the Clerk’s Office if you require accommodations to attend a public meeting.


Date Type Agenda Meeting Notes
01-29-2020 Regular Meeting Download Download
02-26-2020 Regular Meeting Download Download
04-01-2020 Regular Meeting Cancelled Cancelled
04-29-2020 Regular Meeting Cancelled Cancelled
05-13-2020 Regular Meeting Cancelled Cancelled
05-27-2020 Regular Meeting Cancelled Cancelled
05-29-2020 Special Meeting Download Download
09-04-2020 Regular Meeting (Zoom) Download Download
09-25-2020 Regular Meeting (Zoom) Download Download
10-30-2020 Regular Meeting (Zoom) Download Download
04-10-2019 Regular Meeting Download Download
05-29-2019 Regular Meeting Download Download
06-26-2019 Regular Meeting Download Download
07-31-2019 Regular Meeting Download Download
08-28-2019 Regular Meeting Download Download
09-25-2019 Regular Meeting Download Download
10-30-2019 Regular Meeting Download Download
11-27-2019 Regular Meeting Download Download
05-16-2018 Regular Meeting Download  Download
05-30-2018 Regular Meeting Download  Download
06-13-2018 Regular Meeting Cancelled  Cancelled
06-27-2018 Regular Meeting Download Download
07-11-2018 Regular Meeting Download Download
08-29-2018 Regular Meeting Download Download
09-19-2018 Regular Meeting Download Download
10-17-2018 Regular Meeting Download Download
11-21-2018 Regular Meeting Download Download

The Path Forward: Community Consultations on Poverty and Homelessness

In November 2019, the Ad Hoc Committee on Poverty and Homelessness held four (4) community consultations on the challenges of poverty and homelessness in the Greater Arnprior area. With the support of consultant Karyn Dumble of The Monarch Park Group, approximately sixty (60) participants discussed existing problems and proposed solutions that would improve the lives of those living in poverty and/or homelessness in our community.

The report from these consultation sessions can be viewed by clicking here

Next Steps

The Ad Hoc Committee on Poverty and Homelessness will meet on Friday, May 29th, 2020 at 10:00 AM to review the Final Report to Council in draft form. This meeting will be live-streamed on Youtube here. The final report to Council with recommendations is tentatively scheduled for late June 2020.


For more information on the Ad Hoc Committee on Poverty and Homelessness or to sign up for the distribution list, please contact the Clerk’s Office, by telephone at (613) 623-4231 ext. 1819.

Event Poster for the Community Consultations on Poverty and Homelessness

Event Poster for the Community Consultations on Poverty and Homelessness. Four Community Consultation Session were held on November 28th, 2019 and November 29th, 2019 at the Glad Tidings Pentecostal Church. Two consultation sessions were open to members of the public and stakeholders with participation from over fifty (50) participants. The other two consultations sessions were open to persons with lived experience to ensure that there was a safe space for conversations to blossom.

Photograph of participants engaged in table conversations

Photograph of participants engaged in table conversations. Each participant had the opportunity to visit three (3) table discussions during the consultation. Each table identified both existing problems and possible solutions which were submitted to the Feedback Frame idea evaluation activity. Table topics included Defining Poverty, Income and Employment, Housing and Homelessness, Community Services and Accessibility and Building Inclusive Communities.

Photo of Feedback Frames used to rank participant solutions

Feedback Frames which were used as an idea evaluation activity. Participants could read each proposed solution as discussed in table groups and vote as to the degree of agreement/disagreement with the submission. These results will be used to prioritize potential solutions in the “What We Heard” report.