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Arnprior Accessibility Advisory Committee


The Committee will serve to promote and facilitate a barrier-free Arnprior, by assisting in the removal and prevention of barriers faced by persons with disabilities.


  • To be able to provide an opportunity for persons with disabilities to raise issues and concerns.
  • To participate in the updating of the Town of Arnprior’s Accessibility Plan, and the annual status report.
  • To participate in the reviewing and updating of the Town of Arnprior’s policies dealing with accessibility for persons with disabilities, as required.
  • To provide feedback to Council on the implementation, status, and effectiveness of the Town of Arnprior’s Accessibility Plan.
  • To review and monitor existing and proposed Town of Arnprior policies, practices and procedures, to ensure accessibility for persons with disabilities.
  • Pending time constraints, the committee can request and review any site plan or drawings received by the municipality, described in Section 41 of the Planning Act.
  • To review, access and make recommendations to Council on barriers for persons with disabilities on all owned, leased, or operated facilities of the Town of Arnprior.
  • Raise public awareness on issues affecting persons with disabilities.
  • To make the Town of Arnprior a “barrier-free” and accessible community.
  • To perform all other functions specified in the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act and Regulations.
  • To remain compliant with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act and Regulations.


Councillor Lynn Grinstead,  Jane Dowd, Dave Furgoch, France
Guillemette, and Gabriel Flowers.

Staff Resources

The Town Clerk or designate shall be the Staff Advisor for the Committee.

The following is a copy of the 2020 Calendar of Council and Committee Meetings

Please contact the Clerk’s Office if you require accommodations to attend a public meeting.


Date Type Agenda Minutes

(rescheduled from Jan-08-20)

Regular Meeting Download
Oct-09-19 Regular Meeting Download Download

(rescheduled from June 5, 2019)

Regular Meeting Download Download
Apr-3-19 Regular Meeting Download Download
Feb-06-19 Regular Meeting Download Download
09-05-18 Regular Meeting Download Download
06-06-18 Regular Meeting Download Download
03-07-18 Regular Meeting Cancelled Cancelled
01-03-18 Regular Meeting Cancelled Cancelled
12-06-17 Regular Meeting Cancelled Cancelled
09-06-17 Regular Meeting Download  Download
06-07-17 Regular Meeting Download  Download
03-08-17 Regular Meeting Download  Download
07-12-16 Regular Meeting Download  Download
07-09-16 Regular Meeting Cancelled  Cancelled
08-06-16 Regular Meeting Download  Download
09-03-16 Regular Meeting Download  Download
12-16-15 Regular Meeting Cancelled  Cancelled
09-09-15 Regular meeting Download  Download
06-10-15 Regular meeting Download  Download
03-11-15 Regular meeting Download  Download
09-10-14 Regular meeting Cancelled Cancelled
06-11-14 Regular meeting Cancelled Cancelled
03-26-14 Regular meeting Download Download
12-11-13 Regular meeting Cancelled Cancelled
06-19-13 Regular meeting Download Download
01-23-13 Regular meeting Download Download