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Why Arnprior?

5 Reasons Why Arnprior is the Best Choice to
Invest and Grow  Your Business!


1. Location, Location, Location!

We are strategically located along the newly expanded four lane Trans-Canada Highway (Hwy 417) just past the Ottawa border. Arnprior is the first major stop in the beautiful Ottawa Valley for many tourist, cottage goers and day trippers from the National Capital Region. The four lane highway makes the commute to and from Ottawa, a short 30 minute commute.

2.  Growing Population

With the expansion of Hwy 417 came a boom in new housing developments and a large increase in population as seen in the 8.4% increase from 2011 – 2016 census. With this growth in population comes a growing demand for products and services and an increased work force ready and willing to work!

3. Focus on Marketing and Economic Development, Land Development and Down Town Revitalization

Council has embraced a new Strategic Plan which places high emphasis on marketing and economic development, growth management, as well as enhancing the business and planning experiences. This focus means strong support for new businesses and old businesses alike leading to a better and brighter future for the Town. We have also improved our processes and enhanced our procedures to help accelerate planning & development applications. We have created a Community Development Branch with key Town staff who are charged with making it happen! Come see what the difference is like!

During 2016 and 2017, the Town of Arnprior undertook a major revitalization project throughout our historic Down Town. The Town invested over 10 million dollars in the future of our Downtown with the goal of revitalizing and restoring the classic warmth, beauty and charm that Arnprior’s historic Down Town has come to be known by.

4. Lower Cost of Doing Business

With lower costs of doing business while still being only a 30 minute drive to Ottawa it just makes sense to invest in Arnprior and watch your business grow!

5.  Community

Arnprior is a lovely Town with beautiful vistas and abundant services, but that is not all. Arnprior is a wonderful community, where the people are friendly, supportive and close. You will never experience a stronger sense of community than in Arnprior.