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Name Description Year
Retail Demand Study for the Town of Arnprior A review of the Arnprior retail market in order to determine the shopping patterns of its residents, demand for market-viable amounts and types of retail and service floor space and leakages of shopping dollars into and out of Arnprior; and then prepare a Retail Action Plan to improve the performance of Arnprior’s retail market. 2014
Canadian Real-estate Wealth Magazine Top 100 Neighborhoods Profile Canadian Real-Estate Wealth Magazine’s profile explaining why Arnrpior is a good place to invest in. 2013
Ottawa Citizen Article – Rural Roundup Article highlighting the increase in residential developments in rural areas around Ottawa including Arnprior. 2013
Downtown Arnprior Trade Area Report Prepared by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs for information on local market conditions and opportunities for the develop of effective strategies for Downtown Revitalization. 2009
Retail Market Demand and Impact Report examines the market demand and potential impacts of a 250,000 square foot retail centre on the Town of Arnprior. 2008
Retail Market Demand Study Report was done to determine the extent of market demand for additional retail on Madawaska Blvd. 2006