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Community Improvement Plan

Below is an overview of the Five Financial Incentives available through the Town’s Community Improvement Plan. Please read the Community Improvement Plan for a full description and criteria of the particular incentive for further details. Page 66 of the Community Improvement Plan includes a map of the areas which are eligible for these incentives.

For questions regarding the CIP please contact Lindsay Wilson, Marketing and Economic Development Officer at 613-623-4231 x. 1829 or lwilson@arnprior.ca.

CIP Financial Incentive Program Overview

  • All incentives are subject to Council’s approval
  • A Financial Incentive Application Form must be submitted to the Town prior to commencing any community improvement works.
  • Complete applications must be submitted and approved prior to application for planning approval and/or building permit and/or heritage permit, as may be required.
  • Applicants must be either the owner of the property, an agent for the owner of the property, or the tenant of a property to whom the owner has provided written consent for the application.
  • All proposed projects must be within the designated Community Improvement Project Area, as indicated in the Community Improvement Project Area By-law and must help achieve the Community Improvement Plan’s goals and objectives for the Town of Arnprior.
  • Property owner must not have outstanding tax arrears and must be in good standing with regard to taxation at the time of application
  • All incentive program applications must include completed application forms and supporting materials such as detailed work plans, cost estimates and contracts, applicable reports, and any additional information as required by the Town.
  • Works must be in accordance with all Town by-laws, policies, procedures, standards, and guidelines in order to be approved.
  • Community improvement works associated with an incentive program application must be undertaken pursuant with any planning applications and/or building permit, and any additional required permits.
  • The proposed exterior design of buildings, including signage, associated with an incentive program application must be considered by the Town as consistent with the Town’s desired goals for and appearance/character of the Town, in relation to the CIP – Appendix A – Design Guidelines.
  • Community improvement works undertaken and completed that are associated with an approved incentive program application must be consistent with the project description contained in the application form and supporting materials, and with the program agreement

Façade and property improvement program

  • Applies to the front, rear or sidewall improvement, and other to commercial, mixed-use commercial or industrial buildings.
  • Up to 50% of the cost to a maximum of $5000.
  • Interest rebate grant may be given to cover the cost of interest on a loan taken out up to a maximum of $2500.
  • Total maximum incentive  of $7500

Heritage Property Improvement Program

  • Applies to restoration, repair, rehabilitation or preservation, studies to determine viability architectural or design study designated heritage buildings.
  • Up to 50%  of the cost to a maximum of $7500.
  • Interest rebate grant may be given to cover the cost of interest on a loan taken out up to a maximum of $2500.
  • Maximum incentive of $10,000.

Downtown Housing Program

  • To encourage the creation of new residential units in the Downtown Area
  • Rehabilitation of residential space or new space.
  • Up to 50% of the cost to a maximum of $7500 per unit to maximum of 3 units, never exceeding 50% of total construction cost.
  • Interest rebate grant may be given to cover the cost of interest on a loan taken out up to a maximum of $2500.
  • Maximum incentive of $10,000 per unit, maximum of 3.

Tax Increment Equivalent Grant Program

  • Rebates for municipality property tax increase as a result of community improvement activities.
  • Only the Town’s portion of increase in tax will be rebated.
  • Paid once a year for a max of 10 years.
  • 100%  of the increase is rebated in the first year then the rebate decreases by 10% of total tax increment cumulatively for the next 9 years.
  • Increases can be due to development, redevelopment, construction, rehabilitation for purpose of energy efficient uses, buildings, structures, works, improvements or facilities.
  • The floor area must increase by more than 25%.
  • Projects that also increase value by more than 15% will also be considered.
  • Can apply for other programs but the combination of grants cannot exceed 60% of the original construction costs. Initial rebate calculation under this program must exceed $500.
  • New owners will not receive this rebate if the property is sold.

Application and Permit Fees Rebate Program

  • Project must be in line with the Community Improvement Plan.
  • Refund on planning and building costs.
  • The lesser of 50% of application fees or $5000.

Brownfield Financial Tax Incentive Program

  • Deferral or cancelation of all or a portion of municipal taxes during the period in which the Brownfield site is being cleaned up or redeveloped.
  • The Town may also apply to the Minister of Finance to have the education portion of property tax deferred or cancelled.
  • Incentive is given on a case-by-case basis.