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Sens Rink

The Town of Arnprior has extended the SENS Rink Location Survey until Wednesday, February 28th at 5:00pm.

Council of the Town of Arnprior has supported, in principle, a proposal to construct a Sens Rink within the Town of Arnprior.  The Rink would be a 200’ x 85’ outdoor rink equipped with permanent boards and overhead lighting (6 lamp posts). There will be a concrete pad under the ice to allow for the surface to be used year round for other sports including basketball with nets.  The capital construction costs, other than for the overhead lighting, would be obtained from fundraising donations and/or in-kind donation of materials/services. The donations are planned to be obtained by the Sens Foundation and their community partners, the Arnprior Optimist Club and M. Sullivan & Son Limited. The land must be provided or arranged by the Town.

Part of the ‘agreement’ with the Sens Foundation is that the Town will assume responsibility and associated costs for year-round recreational programming and maintenance of the Sens Rink.

The Town has identified two potential options for the location of a Sens Rink.  While there are pros and cons related to each location, there are also costs associated with running the facility based on the proposed locations. More detailed background information can be found below, on the second floor at Town Hall, 105 Elgin Street West, Arnprior, Ontario, or by contacting Robin Paquette, Town Planner, at 613-623-4231 ext. 1827 or rpaquette@arnprior.ca.

The two locations being considered are:

Location #1 – On the Algonquin Trail fronting on Meehan Street – Please note that this land

is owned by the County of Renfrew and would require an agreement for use.

Location #2 – On the Nick Smith Centre property fronting on James Street

Background Information:

Before making a decision on the precise location of the Rink, the following information is being provided for consideration.  Council would like your feedback on the location:

Estimated Costs Location #1 – Algonquin Trail on Meehan Street Location #2 – Nick Smith Centre on James Street
Capital Construction paid for from fundraising $444,850 $335,501
Capital Lighting costs paid for through taxation $30,000 $30,000
Annual Operating costs for Programming and Maintenance funded through taxation $37,800/year $7,800/year

2017-07-10 Report to Council – Rink of Dreams

2017-12-11-Report to Council – Update on Sens Rink location

Senators Foundation Sens Rink Presentation (Recreational Investments in Neighbourhoods for Kids)

Map of Location Options


Arnprior residential taxpayers will be receiving a letter inserted into their February tax bill with an individualized personal identification number (PIN). If you do not receive a PIN or require additional PINs for other members of your household over the age of majority please contact Town Hall at 613-623-4231 ext. 1819. Once you have received your pin please follow the instructions below to access the survey.

Survey Information
The survey will provide you with three options relating to the location of the SENS RINK:

Location #1 Algonquin Trail on Meehan

Location #2 Nick Smith Centre on James St

Do not proceed with the project

 Complete the Survey using the internet

·         Using your PIN participate anytime beginning Wednesday, February 7 at 10:00 am. The Town of Arnprior has extended the SENS Rink Location Survey until Wednesday, February 28th at 5:00pm.

·         To access the survey, type www.arnprior.isivote.com in the address bar of your web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and follow the instructions.

If you have any questions please contact the Help Desk:

Phone: 1-613-623-4231 ext. 1819

Hours of operation:  Weekdays from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm