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Waterfront Issues and Options Analysis

The Town of Arnprior has officially begun an analysis of the Town’s waterfront to identify ways of enhancing a very valuable local asset – the shores of the Madawaska and Ottawa Rivers.  The purpose of the analysis is to consider options for the best mix of land uses and activities in order to create a vibrant and active waterfront. The analysis will also consider opportunities with respect to the nature and scope of investments which could contribute to the revitalization of the waterfront. The Waterfront Issues and Options Analysis will also provide a strategic direction and action plan to ensure successful next steps.  The analysis area includes both shores of the Madawaska River and the Ottawa River along to Gillies Grove.

We Need Your Feedback on the Waterfront Feasibility Issues & Options Analysis


The Town of Arnprior is now in Phase 3 of the Waterfront Feasibility Issues & Options Analysis. The Waterfront Feasibility Issues & Options Analysis is intended to provide guidance to the Town in capitalizing on the true potential of the waterfront to better serve the existing and future residents along with the very important visitor population of Arnprior on a year-round basis. Phase 1 was all about your ideas. Phase 2 uses what we heard to create options for proposed plans of action staged over a number of years.

Upon completion of this Analysis, a report will be available for public review and comment. A notice will be published at that time.

Any comments received will be incorporated in the Study, with the exception of personal information.

For further information or to provide comments, please contact:

Robin Paquette
Town Planner
Town of Arnprior
105 Elgin St. West, Arnprior, ON K7S 0A8
Tel: 613-623-4231, Ext. 1827
E-mail: rpaquette@arnprior.ca

Suzanne Valiquet
Public Consultation Consultant
Momentum Planning and Communications
1165 Greenlawn Crescent, Ottawa ON K2C1Z4
Tel: 613-729-3773
E-mail: svaliquet@momentumplancom.ca