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Pitch In Day

May 5th, 2018 – Call 613-623-7301 or e-mail dnicholson@arnprior.ca to register!

What is PITCH-IN Day all about?

PITCH-IN Day is all about the members of the community coming together to beautify public areas within the Town.  Public areas in Town become littered with garbage and other items making these spaces less enjoyable for the community to spend time in.

What do participants do?

Participants pick-up litter from public areas within the Town.

Where do I register?

To register yourself or a group of people for the clean-up, please visit or call the Nick Smith Centre at 613-623-7301 or send an e-mail to dnicholson@arnprior.ca .  Participants wishing to clean-up a certain public area in Town are asked to provide their PITCH-IN Day location at the time of registering.

Should I or my group bring garbage bags?

NO!  The Town will be supplying the garbage bags and picking up/disposing of the garbage bags.

Participant Reminders…

  • Dress appropriately for the weather and conditions.  Participants are encouraged to bring extra clothing, gardening or latex gloves, closed toe shoes, etc.
  • Young children must be supervised by an adult during the clean-up to ensure safety, as some litter items may be hazardous
  • NEVER handle sharp items, needles, items that are not easily identifiable, too heavy, etc.
  • Watch out for wildlife, nests, and to not disturb the natural habitat
  • Have fun!

Please note that RAIN OR SHINE this event will continue!