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Frequently Requested By-Laws

The by-laws listed below are the most commonly requested by-laws of the Town of Arnprior. These by-laws are electronic copies made available for information purposes only and are not to be considered an official version of the by-law. Official copies of by-laws or other accessible formats can be obtained from the Clerk’s Department by calling 613-623-4231 Ext. 1817 or 1818

If the By-law you require is not listed below please contact the Clerks Department at 613-623-4231 Ext 1817 or 1818

By-Law Number Description File
Animal Control and amendment 5991-11
Pet registration, duty of owner, prohibited and nuisance animals, fees, ect.  Download
Bicycle, Skateboard, In-line Skating 5140-03 Prohibits the use of bicycles, skateboards or in-line skating in the downtown core.  Download
Building Permit By-Law 6694-17 Identifies the requirements  for building permits and building activities within the Town of Arnprior  Download
Cemeteries 6369-14 Information on the Town of Arnprior Municipal Cemeteries’ Rules and Regulations  Download
Clean Yards 6500-15 Regulation to ensure properties are clean and maintained Town.  Download
Development Charge 6296-14 Identifies the development charges associated with developments within the Town of Arnprior. If you require a full copy of the Development Charges By-law please contact Renee Mask at 613-623-4231 Ext. 1822.  Download
Fireworks Regulation 5730-09


Regulates the  use of fireworks and flying lanterns within the Town of Arnprior.  Download


Leaf and Yard Waste 5628-08 Determines what is and is not considered leaf and yard waste  Download
Municipal Alcohol Regulations 6033-11 This policy is to provide direction to sponsors of functions held in Town facilities or on municipally-owned property to ensure that responsible alcohol management practices are
Noise Control 5974-11 Noise prohibitions including specific times and places  Download
Open Burning 3058-78 Identifies regulations pertaining to open burning within the Town of Arnprior and the associated fines  Download
Property Standards 6602-16 Regulations to ensure all properties within Town are built and maintained in harmony with the Ontario Building Code  Download
Private Swimming Pools 5525-07 Regulations regarding the construction of private swimming pools  Download
Road Activity 6585-16 Regulates road activity on Town
highways including road cut permitting

Road Cut Permit Form

Road Maintenance Policy 6226-13 Outlines the road maintenance standards and winter control policy for Town roadways.  Download
Sewer Use By-Law 6227-13 Regulates the control of waste discharges to  municipal sewers and sewage works within the limits of the Town of Arnprior  Download
Sign and merchandise display 5209-04 Regulates signs and merchandise displays for controlling community appearance and safety  Download
Smoking on Town Property & Public Places 6076-12


Prohibits and regulates the smoking of tobacco in public places and workplaces  Download
Traffic and Parking 6357-14





Parking information and schedules, traffic control signs, penalties etc. Download





User Fees and Charges



 User Fees and Charges for the Town of Arnprior Download


Waste Management 6396-14 Regulates the operations of waste management within the Town of Arnprior, information on landfill tipping fees and hours of operations  Download
Water Use 5363-05 Regulates the time, manner, extent and nature of the supply of water in the Town of Arnprior.  Download
Zoning By-Law 4990-01 Zoning provisions for properties with the Town of Arnprior  Download